The Conflict I Feel Promoting My Easter Book

This time of year I try to make people aware of a book I wrote about the Easter story. I always feel conflicted because I wrote the book as a compliment to the Biblical narrative I love so much, but I’d prefer people just read the Gospels themselves. I wrote Behold the King of Glory to help tell the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in a story-teller’s voice in a way that is faithful to the text of Scripture. My goal with this book (and with Behold the Lamb of God) is to help promote Biblical literacy by helping to familiarize readers with the narrative arc of the Bible. Scripture is, after all, a story—not merely a collection of rules and bits of life advice.
Of course I want people to pick up my book and read it during this Easter season. That’s why I wrote it. But whenever I start to compose a “plug” for my book, this conflicting desire rises up in me to encourage you to just read the Gospels. So how about this? If you want a book to help weave together the narratives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, that’s what I tried to do with Behold the King of Glory. But if you only have margin / desire to read one account of the Easter story this year, I suggest reading, in one sitting if possible:
Matthew 21-28
Mark 11-16
Luke 19:28-24:53
John 12-21
These passages cover everything that happened from Palm Sunday through the Resurrection. Maybe you might do that this afternoon?
Russ Ramsey
Russ is a pastor and author living in Nashville, Tennessee. His books include Struck: One Christian's Reflections on Encountering Death (IVP, 2017), and the Retelling the Story Series, featuring The Advent of the Lamb of God (IVP, 2018). His personal mission is to communicate the truths of Scripture in accessible ways to people in process. Follow Russ on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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